BUILT TO SAVE® is a voluntary, energy efficiency certification program that identifies new homes built to outperform similar homes built only to minimum building code requirements. BUILT TO SAVE® certified homes are inspected and tested by an independent third-party RESNET certified energy rater and are guaranteed by the rater to have met the strict requirements of the program.

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✅ LOWER UTILITIES                ✅BETTER AIR QUALITY                ✅MORE COMFORT  


Built to Save

BUILT TO SAVE® high-performance home requirements are designed to ensure that the home’s construction provides energy efficiency and quality that will be superior to homes built only to minimum code requirements.

A home that receives a BUILT TO SAVE® certificate has been modeled,inspected, and tested by an independent licensed home energy Rater to verify that the home has complied with the requirements of the program.

The 2023 Market Leaders in Energy Efficiency Construction

Meet the builders leading the industry in building superior homes that outperform homes built to minimum code.

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