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“The Built To Save Program is my competitive advantage.”


The Built To Save brand identifies builders who are building high-performance homes that can save money on utility bills than a similar home built to code. Stand out from the competition with energy-efficient, superior construction verified and guaranteed by an independent Rater to be Built To Save.

Benefits of the Built To Save Program for Builders

• Marketing for high-performance home builders who qualify for the HERS score requirement of the ENERGY STAR™ Program,  but not the full criteria for the ENERGY STAR® certification.
• Differentiation from builders who are only building to code.
• A “ONE-STOP” source for marketing tools and resources.
• Rebates from utility companies if applicable.
• Opportunities to partner with developers to promote lot/home sales.
• Leveraged marketing with the Built To Save ad campaigns in print and online that promote high-performance certified homes.
• Education of homebuyers on the benefits of owning a Built To Save® home.

Qualifying Criteria for Built To Save® Certification

• Builder and RESNET Certified Rater must be registered with the BTS Program.
• Builder and Rater must be registered with a participating utility company if applicable.
• Rater must perform a pre-drywall and a final inspection of the home.
• Home must have a HERS score of 63 or below, or be 5% more energy efficient than code to qualify.
• Construction must meet or exceed 2015 IECC levels.
• The BTS compliance checklists must be completed, verified, and submitted by Rater.

Become A BUILT TO SAVE™ Builder