Ready to join the BUILT TO SAVE® Program?

Simply follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1: Register w/ BTS

Click Register to get started and submit the Builder Registration form along with the initial annual registration fee of $175.*

BUILT TO SAVE® reserves the right to exclude builder and vendor members from the BUILT TO SAVE® program if those members are not in good standing with the company’s marketing contractors: Across Media Marketing, LLC / New Homes Guide. Fees paid to register as a member or to register a home will be returned unless otherwise decided by customer.


Step 2: Request For Certification

Login with the credentials sent to your email, submit a Request For Certification from your customer portal, and wait for a projected ERI score based on a modeling of your home from a BTS Rater.

NOTE: This step requires you to submit Elevations, Floor Plans, and a Manual J (D, S & F if applicable).


Step 3: Schedule Your Pre-Drywall Inspection

This will be your first inspection. Schedule this thermal bypass inspection at least two (2) days before drywall. A BTS Rater then performs the thermal bypass inspection after insulation but before drywall.

Step 4: Schedule Your Tests

You’re almost done! After your home is complete, schedule your final inspection with BTS, and a BTS Rater will perform the Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests.

Step 5: Reap the Benefits!

Once the home passes the performance requirements of BTS, then the BTS Certificate and Electrical Box Decal will be issued to you, the builder, to give to the homebuyer, and, if applicable, your utility company may process your rebate(s).**

*Builder must complete one BTS certified home to begin using the BTS logo in marketing. Additionally, a builder must build a minimum of one BTS certified home per year from the date of the first certification to continue using the BTS logo.

**Homes must have a minimum ERI score of 63 to qualify for BTS certification. Rebates are payable to builders only, and amount will vary depending on each participating utility company’s criteria and their limited funding. Allow up to 6 weeks for processing.