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BUILT TO SAVE® (BTS) is a Program that awards “high-performance” certification to new homes built to energy-saving standards that are above code. The homes are inspected, tested, and guaranteed by an independent third-party HERS Rater to have met the Program’s qualifying criteria. A BTS home can save you money on utility bills than a similar home built to code

Benefits of the BUILT TO SAVE® Program for Homebuyers

•  Increased savings on utility bills.
•  Energy efficiency that is at least 15% better than a similar home built to code.
•  Consistent temperatures from room to room.
•  Tight construction and controlled air filtration.
•  Better indoor air quality.
•  Properly-sized HVAC systems.
•  A more comfortable home with properly installed insulation.
•  Better resale value.

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Qualifying Criteria for Built to Save® Certification

• Builder and RESNET Certified Rater must be registered with the BTS Program.
• Builder and Rater must be registered with a participating utility company if applicable.
• Rater must perform a pre-drywall and a final inspection of the home.
• Home must have a HERS score of 63 or below, or 5% or more energy efficient than code to qualify.
• Construction must meet or exceed 2015 IECC levels.
• The BTS compliance checklists must be completed, verified, and submitted by Rater.


For more information:

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Email: info@builttosave.org